EEA what next on citizen’s rights?

EEA what next on citizen’s rights?

At Lawson Hunte, our advice is to make an application now declaring your permanent residence or otherwise evidencing your qualification status either as a worker, self-employed, self-sufficiency or as a student. In the latter 2 categories, you will need comprehensive sickness insurance before making your application. We cannot give financial advice as we are not FCA regulated so for costs etc you need to approach an insurance provider. We believe that is important to act now and to retain your correspondence over the time you have lived in the UK. The government publication about Citizens Rights is set out in the link below, take a look at this for information purposes. If you need our help to make an application or for an assessment of your circumstances contact us using the link below, provide your availability and we will offer you an appointment.

Here is the current government information, up to date at 10.3.2018 see the following link

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

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