First Friday Clinic

First Friday Clinic

This is our free clinic which is held on the first friday of every month. It is held just once per month because we are not funded. The clinics are options only because we have just 20 minutes per person. This is usually enough for our clients who may just want a quick answer to a question. We do not have the resources there to check applications and do not check refusals in significant detail as this can be complex an time consuming. Most months we have between 8 and 13 attendees. Our clients speak on any immigration subject and this means we have to be veratile. There are time where we make referrrals to the British Red Cross or other local organisations who may be able to help our clients and progress their matters. The types of matters we can’t help in are funding or payments of NHS bills to those not entitled to NHS help; we do however try to accommodate as much as possible within the law. We will post our leaflet on the website with our Spring/Summer dates and will distribute leaflets locally within the next few days. Our next session is Friday April 6th. We have a Russian speaker on staff.

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