International Women’s Day Celebrations in Peterborough

International Women’s Day Celebrations in Peterborough

Peterborough put on a good show in support of local women and women globally. There were some interesting stands such as the Peterborough Pensioners Association who have been campaigning in the City for 25 years. They are affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention founded by Mr. Jack Jones. They meet monthly on the last Monday of the Month at the Westgate Church Centre 2 pm until 4 pm. I promised I would them specifically on our site, the chair is Rita Young who can be contacted on 01733 270528 or Also were NASUWT who were campaigning for better treatment for teachers a contact there if needed is Lindsay Roberts, Negotiating Secretary who can be contacted on 0739958933. Also, there were the Palestinian Campaigners, Adeela from the British Red Cross in Peterborough, Rape Crisis and a whole host of activities and campaign activities. Peterborough is a City which is amorphic it is an ever-changing environment and has a society of women who are paving the way such as the Local MP, Miss Fiona Onysanya, Campaigner’s for Autism Miss Nazreen Bibi so much going on for the creation of good. Glad to be a resident and a woman living, working and contributing in Peterborough.

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