Our time billing is measured scientifically

Our time billing is measured scientifically

The database will produce billing automatically as it time measures the activity in your case. When the bill is generated payment will be due with immediate effect.

You can check your billing at any time on the case management system.

This system does not have the capacity for billing in GBP (Pound Sterling), the conversion rate used is that which is published on the HMRC website month by month. The government published the rate in arrears therefore in March the conversion rate published will be the February rate.

Please do not worry about this as our invoices will be produced in GDP. We have reported the currency issue to the case management system providers, however, they are not yet ready to have this altered. We will update you fully on whats new.

Let us have your comments or any concerns you wish to raise on the new billing system via your my case portal or email on

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