Our weekly update

Our weekly update

This week’s roundup – Lawson Hunte has had an extremely busy week, with lots of hard work, positivity, and laughter, we managed one grant of 30 months and also convinced the UKVI that they had made a mistake on the issue of leave to remain on which they will change. All in all, it has been quite challenging. Next week we have a youngster who will be with us until Easter on a school placement and we are continuing to empower others by providing work experience placements. As we forge ahead we want our clients and anyone who supports us to make suggestions for improvement. We are an equal opportunities workplace and have regular audits therefore, if anyone makes comments or suggestions which indicate discrimination of any kind whilst we will read them, they do not fall within any of our policy, ethical or moral operational standards and we cannot seriously take such suggestions onboard. We however do welcome constructive criticism for improvements.

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