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The Act Repealing the European Communities Act 1972

The Act Repealing the European Communities Act 1972
Everyone has been waiting for the Act to repeal the ECA 1972, so here it is
If you are interested to read this document click here The UK will reclaim Sovereignty on 29 March 2019. EU law will no longer have supremacy over UK domestic law. The position now still remains that there is EU supremacy and actions against the State are still possible. Also from implementation, The Charter of Fundamental Rights will no longer apply to UK Nationals.

News for EU Nationals

Clients keep asking us what is the deal with Brexit – Here is your answer

BREXIT – This post gives details of the EU settlement scheme rules, published in a statement of changes that will take effect on 28 August 2018, introducing a new Appendix EU. This Appendix sets out the basis on which an EU citizen and their family members, and the family members of a qualifying British citizen, will, if they apply under it, be granted indefinite leave to remain or limited leave to remain. The statement of intent preceding the government’s actions was published on 21 June 2018 Click to read document