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Dear All

We wish to ask all of our clients to take heed of all of the Government warnings at this time. We are still open and will retain an online presence to take care of your appointments and to ensure your applications are being settled in a timely basis.

We are seeking to tie up all of our cases quickly as we have noted restrictions by other Nation States of restrictions against Nationals entering.
We do know that we have situations where visas have been granted to our clients, they however are unable to travel due to the various individual travel restrictions being levied in various Nation States and also restrictions on Key Workers.

We are seeking resolutions as to extend visa in such situations does levy additional costs to the applications already granted overseas.
Our staff, include Natalia (our administrator), Jed (our compliance officer), Guy (Level 1 Immigration Lawyer) and myself.

We will bring you updates as we receive them and hope we can continue to work together in this difficult time
We wish you all the best with coping in this situation.

Kind regards

Guarantee or Proportionate Guess – Author Sonya King

It has been one year since the introduction of online applications throughout the UK Immigration system. Initially the experience of working under the new regime was harrowing, often confusing and also difficult to navigate. This led to huge stress to both advisors and client’s alike. The advisor most cases is a middleman, therefore if there is any fallout or disappointment to bare, it is the advisor who bears them. There is however something to be said for an advisor working in the field of immigration law – this is that they are not commercial but social lawyers. Their concern is the general wellbeing of the individual being helped, this can include seeking help for an individual which would not appear normal in some areas of the law. The client is a person who needs reuniting with their family, or protection from serious harm, a woman who has been trafficked, abused or even a victim of gender harm, men who are also victims of physical harm. The help could include contacting social advocacy organisations, filling forms other than those used in immigration applications, obtaining counselling services and serving to the client – a humanity which helps them to move on from their static positions to progression in life. The Immigration Lawyer is a defender of rights and a creator working in direct opposition to the aims of the authorities in situations where the facts needs clarification or there is hostility and in other cases with the authorities to bring the correct assistance to the deserving individual. It is a difficult space to fit. Therefore, bear with your advisor, wherever and whoever they are, the result you get may not always be the result you want. There are restricted rights of appeal or review which when granted should be utilised. When you meet your advisor – ask them first of all – what is your plan for my case, and what is the likely outcome, what are my options and can you assess the merits in my matter – my facts measured against case law, country guidance, statute law and rules. The answer? obtain information on whether or not it is right to go ahead./proceed It is not a good idea to ask for a guarantee, or a measured response to get a guarantee, Why? you might be setting yourself up for disappointment – base your decision on the merits of your case as a proportionate guess but not a purposed guarantee.