International Women’s Day Celebrations in Peterborough

Peterborough put on a good show in support of local women and women globally. There were some interesting stands such as the Peterborough Pensioners Association who have been campaigning in the City for 25 years. They are affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention founded by Mr. Jack Jones. They meet monthly on the last Monday […]

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Q&A Send me a list of documents?

My best answer to individuals who are not retained client’s of any legal organisation is first, document lists are generally available in the public domain. And secondly, it is unlikely that a legal organisation would send you a list in isolation and/or without an assessment. Professional lawyers are trained to assess the circumstances of their […]

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First Friday Clinic

This is our free clinic which is held on the first friday of every month. It is held just once per month because we are not funded. The clinics are options only because we have just 20 minutes per person. This is usually enough for our clients who may just want a quick answer to […]

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What is a grant of leave outside of the immigration rules

The answer to this is that in addition to the immigration rules, the Secretary of State has a residual power to exervise discretion in favour of applicants. This can happen even in cases where the applicant does not satisfy criteria within the immigration rules. The factors which can be considered to make such a grant […]

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Our weekly update

This week’s roundup – Lawson Hunte has had an extremely busy week, with lots of hard work, positivity, and laughter, we managed one grant of 30 months and also convinced the UKVI that they had made a mistake on the issue of leave to remain on which they will change. All in all, it has […]

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How we work and our terms and conditions

Confidentiality and Disclosures

Your immigration matter is dealt with in the strictest confidence. Our policies and procedures are underpinned by legislation and professional ethics including the conduct and code laid down by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner.

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EEA what next on citizen’s rights?

At Lawson Hunte, our advice is to make an application now declaring your permanent residence or otherwise evidencing your qualification status either as a worker, self-employed, self-sufficiency or as a student. In the latter 2 categories, you will need comprehensive sickness insurance before making your application.

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