Welcome to Lawson Hunte Immigration Services ​ ​

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Welcome to Lawson Hunte Immigration Services ​ ​

Lawson Hunte has operated out of the city of Peterborough since 2011. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. Our organisation ID is F201100327.

Our most qualified Lawyer has been in the business of immigration, human rights and asylum  18 years. We have a sound reputation built on trust and the quality of the work we produce.

We do our best and for our clients seeking to achieve just outcomes. If we can visualise your right to remain or to enter into the UK and you choose us, we will seek to defend it

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Fees/Additional Services

Our Fees

You are charged in 6-minute Units, the actual charge £12 for each 6 minutes of professional legal services. The cap is the level at which charging ceases, applicable, only if work continues above this level. You are only charged for the work we complete which is electronically measured via our database.


We are charged externally for services such as post, copying, doctor and expert reports, data request fees,  Home Office charges etc. These external charges are called disbursements, clients are responsible for paying these.

Chaser Letters and Subject Access Requests


Further Representations

£120 per hour

Advocacy at Home Office Interviews/Court

£450 per day